Zero-waste is more convenient AND can help you save money

March 28, 2019

Zero-waste is more convenient AND can help you save money

Of late it feels like we see the phrase ‘zero waste’ everywhere. There are videos of people online who fit all of their year-long waste into one tiny jar. Or maybe those who argue you have to eat the apple core to be truly ‘zero waste.’ 

If there’s another term out there like ‘half waste,’ that’s where we fit in. In some areas of our life we still feel like we have to use plastic (bin liners, for e.g.), but in many others we’ve made some conscious choices that are not only environmentally friendly, but also more affordable, stylish, and save us space in the house.

So, whether you’re already on your way to being a great zero-waste advocate or just starting off, let us know how you get on with the below tips. And disclaimer – while we’re well aware that one person using a re-usable shopping bag or no plastic in their house won’t change the way the world works, if enough people do it – companies and businesses will adjust their practices to match the demands of consumers. (Think of the plastic straw ban).

Below are 3 hacks we’ve incorporated into our daily life, and it’s made all the difference.

1. Use refillable containers for hand soap and body wash [Even shampoo and conditioner if your hair is not too fussy!]

We ordered these frosted amber bottles from Etsy and buy hand soap and body wash in bulk 2L containers online. Not only do the bottles look sleeker in the bathroom, it’s much easier to refill the container when it’s empty rather than store extra containers or remember to buy them when the bottle is running out. No throwing away used plastic hand soap containers, and you can add essential oils to base soaps if you want to change up the scent each time!

  1. Try to adopt a re-use > recycle mentality.

While huge corporations with proper supply chains can be a part of recycling platforms like Loop, we find it tough to really incorporate the ‘send back for a discount’ into daily life. We try to buy better quality products and items so that we can get more use out of them and not need to throw them away so quickly. For e.g. we are guilty for liking Kombucha, which usually comes in a glass bottle. Rather than throwing away or recycling the bottles, we buy lotion pumps online and then fill them with lotion or body oil. 

An easy and creative way to add some style and funk to your home!

  1. Bring shopping bags with you

Okay this one is not just because you get charged at the grocery store. When living in the city without a car, I find it so much easier to have a strong re-usable bag that folds up in my bag. It means I can carry heavy items, don’t have to worry about the bag breaking on my tube ride home, and just generally find it more comfortable.

Plus, if it’s made out of cloth I can wash them in the washing machine and not worry about carrying dirty items.

What are your favourite tips to work toward a zero (or half) waste lifestyle? We’d love to know!

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