Why Should You Invest in Men's Skincare?

December 02, 2018 6 Comments

Why Should You Invest in Men's Skincare?

Using the right skincare products can help balance the oils on your face, even out your skin tone, and help fade and prevent acne. Our Man Oil has ingredients that also help strengthen the hair follicle to improve your chances of growing strong and thick facial hair!

Our faces are the first thing we see (or squint at) every morning. More than we like to admit, they can often reflect our health decisions. 

The skincare industry has so far mainly focused on women, and men want products that are made for them. Believe it or not, men’s skin is actually quite different than women’s. Not only is it 25% thicker, it also produces more sebum (which is why men tend to have more acne and larger pores), and a man can grow a beard while it’s almost impossible for a woman to do so!

Regardless of gender, we’re all aware of the sun damage, constant stress, and pollution present in urban environments. Our bodies are affected by late nights, dehydration from drinking, and even the UV light from the phones we never put down. We might start noticing crow’s feet around our eyes or that our skin appears “dull” or dehydrated. 

Including skincare in our daily routine can help manage the above, and make us feel more confident and comfortable in our own skin. There’s never been a better time to put health as a priority – and what better time when the natural skincare industry is booming!

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