Interview with Suds Singh: Entrepreneurship and Video Marketing

May 14, 2019

Interview with Suds Singh: Entrepreneurship and Video Marketing

Suds Singh, founder and CEO of Interesting Content, an end to end digital video and content production agency in London.

  • You’ve built a 6-figure company working with the biggest brands. How do you stay motivated?

Every Monday morning, my team spends an hour watching TED talks, asking each other questions, and discussing how we feel about our work. It might seem unrelated, but it always connects back to business topics and entrepreneurship. It helps us stay curious, hungry, and most of all that we’re excited about the work we’re doing. 

  • Why do you think the future of marketing is in video and when will you be making one for Talisman?

Video has captured consumer interest in a way no other form of media has done. We are interested first and foremost in telling the story of brands, and we know video is one of the most engaging ways to share content. (We’ll make a video for Talisman after this post gets 500 views ;))

  • Any interesting insights from your experience working with huge enterprise clients such as Tesco, Space N.K., and Cornerstone?


There can be a big discrepancy between what people say they do and what they actually do. When making decisions, make sure you look at the actual data, and not just people’s biases. The best strategy we’ve found is to approach customers before they even know they have a need for your product or service.

  • What makes you stressed out with work?

When I was starting out, I was doing everything on my own. Some things I’m naturally good at, like talking to customers, business development, etc. But I was very stressed out with the things I enjoy doing less – like the website, managing finances, and some of the more technical aspects of the running the business. I knew I had to get to a point where I could delegate those things so I could focus on what I’m good at.

  • Lastly, what is your best piece of advice to other entrepreneurs?

2 things: 1) do one thing at a time, and 2) don’t start something you’re not able to finish. It can be really overwhelming when your tasks and project don’t have immediate deadlines, and might all be connected to each other (i.e. not linear). If you pick one thing and focus on it, you’ll find things will fall into place a lot quicker.

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